The land where I was born, played, and learnt to love the wine is the same that now sees my excitement grow with every new bunch of grapes. The micro-plots, divided in two areas in the region of Utiel-Requena, present an orography and a typology of soils very different between them. The average size of each plot is 0.5 hectares, and they provide two varieties of grapes: The vineyards of Bobal, of maternal origin, were most of them planted in the first decades of the 20th century. They are located in the centre of the region. A bit more to the South, we will find the vineyards of Garnacha, of paternal origin. Those were planted in the 1960’s and are situated in the town of Los Pedrones, in a small tableland of 730m high in the confluence of the rivers Júcar and Cabriel. These vineyards, exclusively intended for the production of Sentencia, are not only worked from the perspective of traditional viticulture, but also from the point of view of ecological and biodynamic agriculture, in which sense new strategies are adopted. In this way, a new work methodology has been implemented with the aim of obtaining grapes of better oenologic quality which, at the same time, will provide wines featured by its search of the region’s personality, purity and identity. To achieve our aim, we have reduced the tilling, introduced changes in the winter’s pruning, and implemented new works of the green pruning, as the berries’ thinning. We have also renounced to the watering and to the conventional fertilizers that nourished the vineyard and we have substituted them by a system to preserve the soil which is based on using as nutrients both the plants covering and the vine shoots left from the pruning. Regarding the struggle against vine plagues, this is rarely fought. In the case it should be fought, it would be with the products and in the quantities permitted by the ecological agriculture. All in all, after a demanding selection of the grapes, we are able to take the best fruits to the winery.

The Cellar

If there exists a place in the Earth where I can feel truly in peace, that is undoubtedly our small winery. The basement of the old familiar winery, which was closed in the 60’s with the cooperativism arrival, houses today the new winery Sentencia. It is literally a winery garage, with a small room where the grapes are fermented in small tanks made of stainless steel, and a barrels’ room where wines rest at the constant temperature and humidity provided by the walls of the old winery. Our wine’s production follows a traditional process with high respect for our grapes’ origin. Wine harvest is handmade and the grapes are carried to the winery in boxes. Having destemed the grapes, they ferment until they have been enough macerated and stalked. Then, they are transferred to a press moved by hand. Finally, the wine is vatted in oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation is carried out. Before being bottled, the wine goes on some rackings fixed by the lunar calendar. Thanks to them, processes of clarification and stabilization are avoided and the essence of our wines in preserved.