I was scarcely ten years old. This may be the reason explaining why I remember that day so clearly. When you are a child, there are moments that record in your memory, whatever the reason.

It was cold and the poor light leaking by the shutters of my bedroom came from the old streetlamp that, even today, is on duty next to my parents’ house. It was too early but my father woke me up exited, with a smile that quickly infected me too:

Hurry up, Alberto! You must see this!

The cold weather and the haste of his words made me forget completely that few seconds before I was pleasingly sleeping. I quickly opened the wardrobe to look for my best coat while the engine of the Renault 8 stretched next to the porch. I went down the stairs three at a time and I jumped into the co-pilot’s seat.
What happens, father? Where are we going?

The vineyard, Alberto! We must arrive before the sunrise!

That only contributed to increase my curiosity, but I decided not to insist on it. We were two kilometres from the vineyard, so I let myself fall on the back of the seat and I closed my eyes. Then I imagined hundreds of thousands of endings that would never surpass the real one.

The car stopped and in that moment I learnt that it had been worth getting up so early. The night had been especially cold at that height and a dazzling blanket of snow totally covered the vines. I have never lived a sunrise like that one. It was then, in front of the vineyard and next to my father, when I first felt which has already become my real passion.


It was the year 2006 when those dreams as a child started to materialize. At the peak of the Spanish vineyard restructuring, lots of the vine properties of the family had already been uprooted and replanted with new vine varieties. In those days, these new varieties were wrongly named ‘improvers’. In that inevitable context, about six hectares of old vineyards, which my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather had been taking care for decades, were then sentenced to death.

It was then when I decided to take over the land and undertake this new project. I took over a small part of the land in order to work it according to my way of understanding the wine.

There, in scarcely a couple of plots whose days were numbered, I discovered a new and stimulating part of my life: Sentencia.