Vintage: 2010
Varieties: Bobal 70%,
Garnacha and Syrah 30%
Ageing: 12 months
French oak 90%,
American oak 10%
Nº of bottles produced: 1500 bottles

16th September 2010

Bottles no. 7 and 8 from 1,500

Slightly less intense and deep than its brother 2009, Sentencia 2010 blending provides us with a limpid and an attractive red cherry colour, having very lightly violet shades. These melt on the rim of the glass, with a fine tear that falls slowly but determined, announcing this is a wine of a great density and concentration.

It becomes an extremely tempting wine since the emanation of the first aromas of berries when the wine is served. It is not necessary shaking it to feel the extraordinary potential and the great intensity of this 2010 blending. Pure. Ripe berries are the main characters of an infinite cast which is featured by an endless amount of shades that add complexity and elegance to this wine.

After a few minutes in the glass, notes of fresh species and a fine mineral character make the whole gain freshness, transposing you to a one-way trip. You have been already sentenced.

The mouth is its strong point and, undoubtedly, what places it at the level of extraordinary wines. This wine is a perfect mixture of a tremendously powerful structure and an innate elegance. Honest and direct during the attack phase, it evolves in the medium mouth, our mouth being covered by a blanket of silk, which reminds us – just in case we had forgotten it– of fruit being the main character. It is also featured by its well-polished and round tannins, and by a feeling of freshness and acidity that enables us to keep enjoying this wine one glass after another. We are briefly deceived by a ‘short’ false ending, but in a few seconds it comes back as a fine flow of sensations that seem not to have an ending.

I take off my hat to an EXTRAORDINARY WINE – if I am allowed to do it– that shows the most elegant, the most complex, and the finest version of an entirely powerful and condensed raw material.

Tasted in Valladolid, Spain, 16th September (bottle no. 7 of 1,500) and 27th November (bottle no. 8 of 1,500).
Glasses used: Riedel Taster Sommeliers and Spiegelau Authentis Tasting

Jaime Suárez Pardo